1998 IEEE EMC Symposium International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility,

Statistics of Man-made Noise at 137 MHz

doi: 10.1109/ISEMC.1998.750129

Roger A. Dalke; Robert J. Achatz; Yeh Lo

Abstract: Statistical noise models that simulate man-made noise are essential for the design of radio systems. Recently, the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences measured man-made VHF radio noise in the 136 to 138 MHz meteorological satellite band. These measurements were made as part of a link analysis for the broadcast of digital satellite weather images at 137 MHz. The measured noise statistics were used to develop analytical representations of the first-order probability distributions for man-made noise in various environments (business, residential, and rural). Such noise models are useful for simulating the performance of communications systems in environments where non-Gaussian man-made noise may degrade system performance. The statical models as well as first-order probability distributions for several environments are presented in this paper.

Keywords: VHF; radio noise

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