2019 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal & Power Integrity (EMC+SIPI), New Orleans, LA, July 2019, pp. 463-468

Mobile Channel Sounder Validations Carried Out at the ITS Table Mountain Field Site

Robert T. Johnk; Erik R. Hill; Chriss A. Hammerschmidt; Anna E. Paulson; Ronald L. Carey; Savio Tran; Mike Chang

Abstract: We present path gain results at 3,500 MHz from a mobile channel measurement campaign that was carried out at the ITS Table Mountain Field Site. The purpose of this effort was to validate measurements obtained from a prototype sliding correlator channel sounder that is currently under development at ITS. The validation framework we developed consists of two parts: 1) a CW channel sounder to provide a highly accurate reference, and 2) a series of static paths and a mobile route over which to compare path gain results from the two systems. We obtained excellent agreement in measured path gains between the sliding correlator and the CW systems.

Keywords: measurement comparisons; propagation; global positioning system (GPS); antenna; Irregular Terrain Model (ITM); downconverter; correlation; spectrum analyzer; mobile; time series; vector signal analyzer; mixer; path gain; Longley-Rice; rubidium frequency reference; sliding correlator; time variations

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