2013 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), pp. 76-81, 5-9 Aug. 2013

Spectrum occupancy results from several surveys

doi: 10.1109/ISEMC.2013.6670385

Chriss A. Hammerschmidt; Heather E. Ottke

Abstract: This paper presents spectrum occupancy results from spectrum surveys conducted at three locations: Denver, CO; Table Mountain near Boulder, CO; and Point Loma, near San Diego, CA. Equipment setups are described along with the measurement algorithms used to measure various emission types. Various statistical graphs, M4 statistics plots and FS-CCDF plots, as well as time vs. frequency or waterfall plots give different representations of the data. Results are shown for a land-mobile radio band and a radar band. Five bands in total will be shown during the presentation.

Keywords: radar; spectrum management; telecommunications; statistical analysis; noise; spectrum survey; spectrum occupancy; Table Mountain; Probability density function; frequency measurement; antenna measurements; Boulder; Denver; FS-CCDF plots; M4 statistics plots; Point Loma; emission measurement; equipment setups; land-mobile radio band; measurement algorithms; radar band; statistical graphs; microwave measurement

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Disclaimer: Certain commercial equipment, components, and software may be identified in this report to specify adequately the technical aspects of the reported results. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, nor does it imply that the equipment or software identified is necessarily the best available for the particular application or uses.

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