Proc. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, May 2013, pp. 8179–8183

Lossless Compression of G.711 Speech Using Only Look-Up Tables

Stephen D. Voran

Abstract: The lossless compression algorithm specified in ITU-T Recommendation G.711.0 provides bit-exact G.711 speech coding at reduced bit-rates. We introduce two Look-Up Coders (LUCs) that also offer bit-exact G.711 speech coding at reduced rates but the LUCs do not use arithmetic operations and hence eliminate the need for a processor. Instead they read in eight G.711 symbols, reinterpret those 64 bits to form eight new symbols that carry temporal information, then look up Huffman codes for those new symbols. When compared to G.711.0, LUC rates are 9% to 40% higher and they require 2 to 8 kB additional ROM, but LUCs eliminate about one million weighted arithmetic operations per second. LUCs reduce the 8 b/smpl G.711 rate to 3.8 to 6.7 b/smpl, depending on speech and noise levels.

Keywords: speech coding; G.711; G.711.0; lossless compression; PCM

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