Stephen D. Voran; Stephen Wolf

Abstract: Discusses the approach used and the research conducted to develop an objective video quality assessment system that emulates human perception. The system returns results that agree closely with quality judgments made by a large panel of viewers for the subjectively rated video data set that was examined. This data set included 36 test scenes with widely varying amounts of spatial and temporal information and 27 impairments including digital video compression systems operating at line rates from 56 kbs/sec to 45 Mbs/sec with controlled error rates, NTSC encode/decode cycles, VHS and S-VHS record/play cycles, and VHF transmission.

Keywords: digital; performance; models; video; quality; parameters; objective; subjective; correlation; spatial; temporal; compression; conferencing; assessment; bit; errors

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Disclaimer: Certain commercial equipment, components, and software may be identified in this report to specify adequately the technical aspects of the reported results. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, nor does it imply that the equipment or software identified is necessarily the best available for the particular application or uses.

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