June 2002 | NTIA Technical Report TR-02-394

Wireless Link Statistical Bit Error Model

John J. Lemmon

Abstract: A bit error model that enables simulations of the digital error performance of wireless communication links has been developed. The model development has been based on error sequences derived from waveform simulations of wireless link performance with various modems operating under varying propagation, noise, and interference conditions. Values of the model parameters are obtained by analyzing the distributions of the lengths of error bursts and error gaps (error-free intervals). Mathematical expressions have been derived for the means and variances of the error burst and error gap distributions of the model as functions of the model parameters. Constraining the means and variances to the values obtained from waveform simulations uniquely determines values of the model parameters corresponding to a given set of link conditions. Examples of error burst and error gap distributions obtained from waveform simulations are compared with those generated by the model for a land mobile radio system and a wireless local area network. The simulated and model distributions are quite similar; however, the model runs tens of thousands of times faster than the corresponding waveform simulations, enabling rapid determination of link performance.

Keywords: wireless communication link; bit error model; Markov chain; waveform simulation

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