May 1986 | NTIA Technical Report TR-86-193

Comparisons of the Two-State Markov and Fritchman Models as Applied to Bit Error Statistics in Communication Channels

Lewis E. Vogler

Abstract: Comparisons of Fritchman's single-error-state model with the two-state Markov model are presented in graphical form for a number of statistical functions, e.g., the error gap distribution (EGD), the block error probability (BLER), and the probability of undetected block error (PUB). Measured data from previously published papers are shown on the curves where these are available, and examples of four types of channels are illustrated: HF, troposcatter, VHF, and switched network. A simple data-fitting procedure is described for the EGD, and its relationships to other statistics of interest are given.

Note: Sponsoring Organization is Rome Air Development Center, Griffiess Air Force Base, New York 13441

Keywords: digital communication; comparison; error analysis; error statistics; Fritchman Model; Markov Model

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