Richard H. Espeland; Edmond J. Violette; Kenneth C. Allen

Abstract: An experimental millimeter-wave propagation link was installed on a 1-km path in the northern California area (Gasquet) to compare rain rate and attenuation at 28.8, 57.6, and 96.1 GHz. During the monitoring period (January 26 through April 14), rain occurred on 27 days with an accumulation of 514 mm (20.25 in.). For periods when the rain rate exceeded 5 mm/h, both VV (vertical polarization at the transmitter and vertical polarization at the receiver) and VH (vertical polarization at the transmitter and horizontal polarization at the receiver) signals were recorded. Maximum rain rates exceeded 50 mm/h and maximum attenuations of 4, 10, and 17 dB were observed on the 28.8, 57.6, and 96.1 GHz channels, respectively.

Keywords: attenuation; millimeter wave; measurement; multifrequency; rain rates

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