Charles M. Rush; Rayner K. Rosich; C. B. Brooks; D. L. Leise; Margo PoKempner

Abstract: A model of the parameters that specify the structure of the electron density in the polar ionosphere has been developed. The model is based upon the modification of monthly median ionospheric parameters given by the CCIR by use of formulations that characterize specific features of the high latitude ionosphere. In addition to the critical frequency, height of maximum electron density, and semi-thickness of the E, Fl, and F2 regions, the model accounts for high latitude features such as the auroral oval, the F2 region ionization trough, the ionization due to auroral E layer formation, auroral absorption, and electron density irregularities in the E and F regions of the polar ionosphere. Observations of ionospheric and geophysical parameters can also be used to modify the structure of the ionosphere as given by the model. The use of the model for telecommunication purposes is illustrated by application of the model to a high latitude, high frequency broadcasting operation.

Keywords: auroral oval; E region irregularities; F region irregularities; F2 region trough; Polar Ionospheric Model

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