January 1981 | NTIA Technical Report TR-81-60

Some Mobile VHF Measurements in an Urban Environment

Charles J. Chilton; Harris B. Janes; Robert A. McLean; Darren L. Smith

Abstract: This report presents the results of mobile measurements of VHF signals in the Denver, Colorado, urban environment. The signals monitored were those received from the TV transmissions of KBTV (Channel 9), KMGH (Channel 7), KOA (Channel 4), and KWGN (Channel 2) from transmitting antennas located on top of Lookout Mountain. The statistical analysis of the data implies that the signal fading mechanism does not always have Rayleigh probability density distribution,and could possibly be better described by an exponential Weibul1 distribution. In addition, a new analysis technique was developed to normalize the data by calculating a power density spectrum as a function of an inverse distance (wave number) which gives a means of comparing data taken at different times on different days and at different vehicle velocities in such a way as to make it possible to separate the position dependent effects from the time dependent properties.

Keywords: VHF; mobile radio communication; statistical analysis; VHF propagation

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