David R. Wortendyke; T. H. Hildebrandt

Abstract: A software package of programs has been developed which automatically measures and analyzes the received signal level of four microwave communication receivers. The package will run on the Test and Acceptance Calculator Instrumentation which the USAF 1842 Electronics Engineering Group is using to automate most of the long lines communication system acceptance tests. An initial manual calibration directed by the program is stored on a data tape cartridge. The software controls one instrument using the IEEE 488-1975 bus to run the test unattended for one month. Data are sampled on each receiver four times per second with a typical resolution of 3 dB over a 60-dB dynamic range. In addition to a "quick look" analysis during the test for each hour of data, a set of programs may be run after the test to list and plot cumulative distributions and hourly medians on a peripheral graphic plotter. The graphs, including axes and scales, are drawn and annotated completely under software control.

Keywords: automation; calculator based instrumentation; desk-top computer software; IEEE 488-1975 bus; microwave LOS communications; RSL; TACI

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